FLIR 64501-0501 model E40bx E-Series bx Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera with MSX Thermal Image Enhancement, IR Resolution 160 x 120 pixels, MSX Resolution 320 x 240, Thermal Sensitivity less than 0.045°C, Accuracy +/-2% or 2°C of reading, 3.1 MP Video Camera w/Lamp, 3.5″ (320 x 240) Color LCD Touch Screen, 25° Standard Lens, 2× Continuous Digital Zoom, Manual Focus, Uncooled Microbolometer, Temperature Range -4°F to 248°F (-20°C to 120°C), IR image with enhanced detail presentation, Fixed Picture-in-Picture, Laser Spot, Composite Video Out, Frame Rate 60 Hz, Delta T, Insulation Alarm, Dewpoint Alarm, Voice, Text, Wi-Fi to Apple & Android Mobile Devices, MeterLink, FLIR Tools

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