The Kid

October 10, 2019 - Comment


Anonymous says:

The most realistic “Billy the Kid” movie. The director obviously knew his history well. Although there is plenty of fiction in this film, many of the scenes with Billy the Kid are based on the closest thing history has as fact. If this movie introduces Billy the Kid at Stinking Springs on December 23, 1880, then unlike that scene in Young Guns II, the correct man dies in this film. The scene with Billy cooking a late night steak is spot on down to the exact dialogue, according to witness testimony from that day. And of course the…

Anonymous says:

My kind of Movie… A realistic Western with all the human flaws… A worth while time spent in a very close historical account of the West in the 1800’s… The acting, directing and cast were spectacular!

Anonymous says:

Not Awful, Not Great. Film Got Better After The Kid Dies. Every film has a budget and who’s to say if they blew it on Hawke & Pratt. The Old West towns seemed a little sparse and more like sets they borrowed so set design overall wasn’t a big plus even if there were some others that deserve much credit. My guess is that it was somewhat mis-cast or lacked some character development even if some of the characters known to history buffs that’s not something you should just assume of your audience. In fact during film I paused to do my own homework (Oh…

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